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For those who own products of this large company, of course, the presence of Samsung’s service center Jakarta is the best and reliable choice to solve various kinds of problems. The presence of this official service can already be seen in almost every city in Indonesia, including the metropolitan area. Customers are given the convenience of finding it at some point.

n repair centers can be helpful for those who want to repair their favorite phone is damaged. It offers not only mobile phones, but also various improvements, from different Samsung products to different products of the same company, such as refrigerators, fans, TVs, DVDs and projectors.

But in fact, most of Samsung’s service centers in Jakarta only offer mobile phone repairs. But you don’t need to worry because we provide complete information about the address of the repair center of Samsung products. In this way, it becomes easy for customers to visit one of the places according to their needs.

The existence of electronic product service services is certainly easy to find, but people still prefer the existence of official services. This is because ordinary military personnel often don’t know the ins and outs of more detail about electronic products. Even in serious cases, they exchange them for counterfeit products so that it only does harm.

That is why the presence of Samsung service center Jakarta can be the best choice for you. For customers who want to make repairs at the service location, you can also make a warranty claim if the electronic product still has a warranty. By making this claim, you don’t have to pay for repairs. It will obviously allow you to save on expenses.

The most complete Samsung Service Center Jakarta address

The reason you don’t want your Samsung product to be damaged and abandoned is because you are afraid that if you repair it, it will be more damaged, right? 。 After service, it is guaranteed that there will be no more serious damage etc.

  1. PGC Christian, East Jakarta

The first repair center is located at PGC Christian Jakarta Tim and is located at Jalan Maijen Stoyo No.76 Christian Jakarta 13640. Customers who want to contact the call center can go directly to the number 0800 1128888 and toll-free number

  1. ITC Cempakamas, Central Jakarta

For customers living in Central Jakarta region, Samsung Service Center Jakarta can be optional. The location is exactly on THEITC Cempakamas Megaglosil 4th Floor Block D No 245 to Jalan Gendelals Eplap Rapt Jakarta 10640.

  1. Mall South Jakarta Ambassador

The location of this Samsung Product Repair Center is exactly located on the second floor number 3-5 Ambasador Mall, located in Professor Jalan Dr. Satrio Jakatra Selatan 12940

  1. Roxy Central Jakarta

In addition to ITC Cempacamasa’s service center in Central Jakarta, Roxy Central Jakarta is also an option. For those who are interested in repairing mobile phones here, you can directly come to ITC Roxy Mas 1 Floor 4 Number 12-16 Precisely located in Jalan KH Hashim Ashari 125 Jakarta, 10150

  1. ITC Fatmawati

The address of this service center is located at ITC Fatmawati Jaksesl Ruko No 17 and to be precise at Jalan.RS Fatmawati No 39-12150.  You can come directly to the address for more detailed information.

Address Service Center Lain di Jakarta

In addition to the list of Samsung service centers Jakarta above, it turns out that there are still other repair center options in the metropolitan area. Jakarta itself is one of the cities with the highest number of users of Samsung products, so this is not without reason. Here are other addresses you can go to.

  1. Condette Jaktim

For residents of the Jaktim area who want to repair mobile phones and other Samsung products, they can immediately come to the repair center located in Jalan Rayakon Det number 333-HBerada in the shophouse No.8 Berekanban Village.

  1. Mango Two Square

On the other hand, users of Samsung products located in Jakut region can visit Mangga 2 Square Blok B Mall number 7-8, which is located exactly in Jalangnung Sahari in North Jakarta.

  1. Santer

In addition to Mangadua Square, you can also come to the  Samsung Service Center in Jakarta, located on the Green Lake Santar Shophouse Block M-TBS in Jalandanau Santar in the south.

  1. Pacific Place

Another option for a repair centre in Jaksel is at Pacifik Place at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 52-53 in Lot 11.

  1. Dermogot

Do you live around Callideres? This one can be aimed at Samsung’s product repair center. Exactly Luko Empire Block C12-15, Jalandan Mogott La Yacari Deres is located in West Jakarta.

  1. Mallpruit Village

Pluit Village Mall also has a repair center or Samsung service center where you can come directly to Pluit Village Mall L3-32 Jalan Pluit Indah Raya-JAKUT.

Therefore, some choice of addresses of Samsung product repair centers located in the metropolitan area. If you have any questions about the product, you can immediately connect to the phone number 0 800 1128888. In addition, it helps customers to get more information.

Different types of problems with smartphones

Do you already know the address of Samsung service center Jakarta? For you who are Samsung smartphone users, the presence of this repair center can also solve different types of problems on your favorite smartphones, including:

  1. Frequent phone restarts or reloads

Restarting is certainly one way to improve the performance of the phone. But what if your phone restarts automatically again and again frequently? Obviously that’s a problem in itself, right?

  1. Dead pixels occur on the phone screen

Another issue that can be addressed at a repair center is that there are dead pixels on the phone screen. Such a situation usually indicates where the phone cannot be used at all even if the battery is fully charged and does not indicate its longevity

  1. Suddenly useless battery

Wasted batteries can certainly interfere with a person’s performance, especially if you’re always relying on mobile phones on a daily basis, right? But you don’t have to worry about simply taking it to a service center, and all these problems can be solved. In this way, your problem can be solved quickly.

Other problems with smartphones often occur

In addition to some of the issues present above, the smartphone is still experiencing other issues as well. Below are some of the issues that often occur on smartphones.

  1. Slow phone

Slow phone calls are one of the conditions that irritate owners. And it turns out that slow phone calls can also occur on different types of mobile phones. Samsung products are no exception. Slow HP issues are usually caused by a variety of things.

  1. Can’t open the camera

Although it is very rare, the problem of not being able to open the camera also often torments Samsung users. Also, if you open it, there is an explanation that the camera has failed. If you can’t cope on your own, you can also take them to a service man.

  1. Power and volume buttons don’t respond well

Another issue that often torments Samsung users is the power and volume buttons that they are unable to react to properly. Although it is very rare, this issue obviously disturbs your activities more and reduces the reliability of your phone. So it should be fixed immediately.

No matter how sophisticated an electronic product is, it cannot be separated by damage or problems. Including your electronic products coming from Samsung Corporation. To overcome this, you can come directly to the Samsung Service Center Jakarta mentioned above.